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since 2000

I am a makeup and effects artist with experience including but not limited to beauty makeup, special effects, shop work, theatrics, conceptualization and design. Constantly working to reach a perfect collaboration between client, production, and artist resulting in the best possible outcome for all parties both creatively and professionally.


Beauty Make-Up

Feel like the most beautiful, most authentic version of yourself on your wedding day, for your headshots, or just because!

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Host a makeover party! Book personal makeup lessons! Plan a special day to totally revamp your look!

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Film & Television Production

A decade of on-set experience! I can't wait to collaborate with your production team for an amazing finished project.

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I believe in adapting to every client’s needs, which is why one-on-one meetings are so important.

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Miranda is quite possibly the hardest-working, most dedicated makeup artist that I know. While I have not hired her to work with me on set, I have hired her several times to work with me and my workshop. She always shows up on time, she's always prepared for the task at hand, she is task-oriented, has a fine eye for detail, and really pays attention to instruction. She delivers every single time. On top of that, while many makeup artists have told me over the years that they learn quickly, I've come to expect disappointment on that front, but never with Miranda, she genuinely learns quickly. And that is few and far between in this field. As a final note, like I said, I've rarely seen this level of dedication and commitment to one's peers. She once showed up to work the day after a quadruple spinal tap, no complaints, and delivered everything that was asked of her. I'll never forget that. I think a lot of people in this business respond to not being hired for a gig with a statement to the effect of, well, it's your loss. But I'm here to tell you, that if you don't hire Miranda, it is genuinely your loss.


Miranda is so talented, positive, calm, kind, organized and professional, I hire her for my departments as often as I can, and would gladly work in any position in any department she heads.


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